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Holiday Sale!

Gang! 2012 has nearly come and gone, we've toured around the country, we've released almost 10 books and solidified our place in the horror small press community! Check out our catalog page for all of our books, new and old including three 99 cent Kindle eBook exclusives! Check out our Youtube page for a chronicling of our loooong book tour. Our Road Vlogs are but a tiny taste of the adventure that is the SHB Road Show. The 2013 tour starts in February, so DON'T sleep on it! Come out and experience the madness first hand! Tour dates will be up soon!

We've got new releases dropping all the time as well. We'll have at least 3 more books out by the time we hit the road in Feb, so keep checking back here for the newest newnew! And finally, as if all that badassery were not enough, we're running a holiday sale, now through December 31st! This is big news for our collector fans out there. We're going to put out a bundle of all six of our paperback releases, that's Strange Sex, Scary Fucking Stories, Beer Run of the Dead, Robamapocalypse, Baby Fever, and Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! all personally autographed and personalized to you AND a free SHB T-shirt for ONLY 50 dollars! FREE SHIPPING! All you have to do is hit the Paypal button bellow, and in the comments, let us know who to make the autographs out to.
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2012 was a huge year for us, gang. Here's to making 2013 even bigger!!!


Our whirlwind summer tour has drawn to a close, gang. There've been ups, downs and everything in between! Many new fans were made, and old fans were brought on board the StrangeHouse Books train! Thank you all, from the bottom of our sick, twisted little hearts, for all of your support. We promise many new books in the coming year and many, many, many new shows. Maybe even in your neck of the woods! Look for TONS of road Vlogs, readings, promos, pictures, new book announcements, just ALL KINDS of shit coming to your facial region from www.strangehousebooks.com!!!


Gang! We're back from Contamination. What a trip! Shenanigans were had, much liquor was consumed, relationships were built and a few were destroyed. But most importantly, many books were sold! The fans came out in abundance to sample the Wares of Strange! Did you miss out on Contamination over the weekend? Well fuck you-I mean FEAR NOT! We've got a Road Vlog full of shenanigans showing you the wonder and mystery of all things StrangeHouse Books. Join us with our friends Nicholas Day, Joel Blair, Kyle Noble, Demona Mrder, and MORE on episode 2 of StrangeHouse on the road!

That's all for now StrangeHeads! Join us in just under 2 weeks for another sure-to-be classic, Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville Kentucky June 29th-July 1st. And prepare your face quarks for 2 all new Strangehouse books circling the drain, about to drop like pregnant teenage girls, "Beer Run of the dead" by D.F. Noble and "Murder Stories for your Face Meat" by Kevin Strange!


We're headed to Contaminaton, Gang! If you can't make it out to the show, you can always support your local cracked-out publishing house by picking up some books or merch here at the site! We made a special video explaining all the site has to offer with our good friend and StrangeHouse Hottie, Ellie Church! Check it out!!! :D


Wozers! Welcome to the BRAND NEW StrangeHouseBooks.com, Gang! This is your one stop shop for all things StrangeHouse. We've got limited edition signed and numbered chapbooks; T-Shirts so you can rep your favorite cult classic from the annals of SHB; Posters of your favorite twisted ass book covers; and much, much more waiting for you right here at StrangeHouse HQ!

So take some time to look around, check out all the links, pick up some merch, and be sure to let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see here at StrangeHouseBooks.com!

Happy reading, Gang! Keep it Strraaannnngeeee!!!