New Anthology submissions open for 2013



Now that April is coming to a close, –and with it, our free giveaways for the month– everybody here at StrangeHouse Books wants to send a huge THANK YOU out to our fans, new and old, who blew away any expectations we had, both in terms of the number of downloads we received, and for setting yet a another monthly sales record. You guys are buying up our books faster than we EVER expected at this point in the game.

It’s hard to believe that we’re only a year old. One year! But after what you guys showed us in April, there’s no doubt that SHB is large, in charge, and here to stay. Thanks, gang! You guys are awesome! But you know us, we can’t sit back on our laurels and bask in success. No, we’ve got to keep moving forward. With that in mind, it is our pleasure to announce the opening of two brand new submissions markets for SHB in 2013!

By now, you authors HAVE to know what we’re looking for when we send out a call for submissions. If you don’t, then you should pick up our previous anthologies, STRANGE SEX and ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! BRAIN BANG! otherwise you might end up disappointed when you receive your rejection letter.

Our first book is a sort of companion piece to our wildly popular short story collection from SHB’s own D.F. Noble, SCARY FUCKING STORIES. Only this time, we’re collecting THE strangest fiction from the most talented authors in weirdo underground horror fiction. This anthology is called STRANGE FUCKING STORIES. We are looking for stories that will leave the readers scratching their heads asking, wait, what the fuck did I just read? And by that, we do NOT mean experimental, stream-of-consciousness, or surreal fiction. We’re looking for STRONG characters, STRONG plots and STRONG conflict, only the weirdest characters, plot and conflict you can dream up. Make em scary, funny, sexy, gross, haunting, whatever, as long as it leaves us questioning our sanity and yours!


Our second new anthology is a book that originally started as a quick turnaround passion project for Kevin Strange. Well, after sitting on it for the better part of the year, Strange has decided to turn it into a full fledged anthology set for release on November 1st 2013! A VERY STRANGEHOUSE CHRISTMAS is a dark, twisted, bizarre vision of Strange’s favorite holiday. Write a story about a savage viking Santa Clause, write about the murderous rampage of Frosty the Snow man or ghastly child eating elves from the north pole. Make it dark, make it scary, and by all means make it STRANGE!


-5,000 to 8,000 words.
-.doc format ONLY! That means ONLY!
-double spaced.
-emailed as attachement to StrangeHouseSubmissions (At)
-In the body of the email, please put your contact information.
-The subject of the email should read: submission title-your name-story title-word count.
-NO TABS! Use your word processor’s paragraph settings to create paragraphs
-No simultaneous submissions. That doesn’t mean submit it to 3 or 4 places and tap your foot while you impatiently wait for our response and then send us a really apologetic email when your story gets picked up by another publisher. it means NO simultaneous submissions. Sometimes we work slow, sometimes it takes 30-60 days AFTER the deadline for us to choose ALL of the stories for our anthologies. Just because you haven’t heard back from us yet, doesn’t mean we haven’t already selected your story for the book. Telling us it got picked up by someone else first does not a happy publisher make. Are we clear on that one? Good.

Deadline is August 1st 2013. Payment is 20 dollars flat and one contributor copy of the anthology.

Good luck, gang! Give us your STRANGEST!

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