Free Book Month Week 2: Dinner at the Vomitropolis

It’s that time again, gang! This time, for Free Book Month Week 2, we’re giving away Jesse Wheeler’s gross out Bizarro collection, Dinner at the Vomitropolis which is normally $4.95, for FREE on Kindle now through Wednesday!

Jesse has been a force to be reckoned with here at SHB this year.  He illustrated covers for John Bruni’s Tales of Questionable Taste, Kevin Sweeney’s Damnation 101, His own collection, Our Christmas anthology, AND did the color for the cover of next year’s Re-Animated States of America.  Somehow he also found time to record a ton of audio stories for the Reading to Monsters podcast, AND signed books at two conventions with us this year. It’s no wonder I named him SHB’s first ever MVP for 2013! Thank you Jesse for all you do here at the ugly dude with the house on his head!

Here’s the synopsis for Dinner at the Vomitropolis:

Do you like gravy on your potatoes? 
Do you like dressing on your salads? 
Do fast-food commercials force you to leave your mattress, in search of processed meat? 
If yes…. 
Unless you need a Dietary supplement that is purely literary. 

Join gross-out author Jesse Wheeler as he hosts his very first literary feast for Strangehouse books. Dinner at the Vomitropolis is a three course meal sure to make even the most hardened gore hound sick to his stomach!


Click here to download Dinner at the Vomitropolis FREE on Kindle

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One Response to Free Book Month Week 2: Dinner at the Vomitropolis

  1. Shadow Girl says:

    Thank you Guys!! I’m a little afraid of this one, but still looking forward to it ;)